Dowsing a …

Dowsing a …

Dowsing, a science or paranormal event?

Dowsing, a scientific approach to a dimension misunderstood, misrepresented and most understudied of all windows of knowledge available to man! Is dowsing a mental paranormal exercise or is dowsing an energy similar to unseen infrared rays within the light spectrum that can be explained scientifically? These are questions and statements made worldwide that are finally addressed here publicly. Dowsing a state of mind, tools and the expectation of a correct response.

Over time there has been some noted dowsers of little record, Leonardo De Vinci, Albert Einstein, Robert Boyle (father of modern chemistry), Charles Richet (Nobel prize winner), Field Marshall Erwin Rommel (German Army), General George Patton, Edgar Casey, Major General J. Scott Elliot (Scotland) and some famous dowsers of lengthy record: Abby Mermet, John Mullins, Pierre Beasse, Le Vicomte Henry De France, Abby Bouly, Samuel (Lobo)Wolf, Henry Gross, Evelyn Penrose, Raymond J. Poppelman, Vernon Cameron, Jack Livingston, Dwin Gordon, Harold & Jarold Eaststep, Louis Matacia, Carl Bracey, Leroy Bull and Paul H. Smith, Army Intelligence Officer, Retired. The latter dowsers from this list have contributed to the discovery and practice of radiesthesia with their lifelong work and documentation. These men have all become noted for dowsing a problem and having correct solutions greater than the law of averages. Only four dowsers in the list above are alive today.

Dowsing, a magnetic sense of humans, (a sixth sense) defined as biolocation, allows the body to receive diamagnetic and paramagnetic signals from any object that the dowser chooses to focus upon.

Dowsers are radiesthesiologists who have a natural affinity to locate items, natural resources, people, animals or solutions to problems with the help of tools known as a dowsing rod, L rods, pendulum, wand or bobber. A few dowsers can dowse without tools and are called deviceless dowsers. These dowsers are not witchers, warlocks, witches, diviners or spiritualist! They have just learned a system of deciphering an energy that is everywhere on the earth. Dowsing a matter of objectivity is futile. Each session must include dowsing a question that can be answered with a “yes” or “no”. Outer Space dowsing has not been verified at the time of this printing, however innerspace (diving underwater) dowsing has proved to be just as accurate as land dowsing.

Dowsing is claimed by many and mastered by a small handful. The title of “Master Dowser” has been assumed by many using the credentials of longevity as the basis for acclaim. These self appointed “masters” may have little success to substantiate the title but point to “umpteen” years or more of getting rod or pendulum response as evidence that they know how to dowse. On the other hand there are many self taught Master Dowsers that have better skills and more successes than seminar instructors of dowsing. Master dowsers are known for their record of successes, not self accreditation.

Almost anyone can propel a pendulum or hold an “L” rod and retrieve a “yes” or “no” response. Children are the best and quickest students of dowsing. Artifacts are one of the easiest items to dowse. Finding lost people or treasure is on the most difficult end of the dowsing spectrum. Earlier it was mentioned that different facets of dowsing resembled the different rays in the light spectrum. Some light rays are realized with the 5 senses and the rest are only identifiable with specialized filters and electronic equipment. Dowsing, a gift very similar to the complexity of photographing full spectrum light, uses all of the five senses and some yet to be scientifically named.

Dowsing criteria and tools differ immensely with each subject, object, matter or beings that are searched for by the dowsers. A dowser that is a master at locating water wells may know absolutely nothing about dowsing for your lost pet. Only a few people have mastered all facets of dowsing.

Dowsing a map or for a lost article is a simple quest of asking the mind to solve the question while being fully awake instead of “sleeping on it”.

Looking for treasure?

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