Dowsing a …

Dowsing a …

Military Dowsing

Military Dowsing came into its own during the Viet Nam War. Very little publicity was released concerning the huge success of this project. Armed with simple “L-rods” the trained troops were able to locate underground tunnels, booby traps, mines and hidden caches of arms and ammunitions. A professional military dowser can locate the enemy, night or day, underground, underwater or above ground, the precise location, regardless of the distance between the dowser and the target.

Military dowsing is no different than civilian dowsing except that your military dowsing can save your life! If you find yourself deployed in one of the global conflicts, make some L-rods and a pendulum to assist your tasks of every day.

Military dowsing encompasses “Remote Viewing” and has been classified until recently. Paul Smith, retired Intelligence Officer led this department of military dowsing and now teaches civilian dowsers methods and techniques used in military dowsing.

Louis Matacia, maestro of radiesthesia, for over 40 years, was allowed to teach 108 Marines on their way to Viet Nam, the basics for military dowsing. Every Marine taught military dowsing returned home safely to herald their teacher and military dowsing as the major reason for their lives being spared. Read the complete account of military dowsing as taught by Louis Matacia.

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