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Dowsing Questions

Dowsing Questions are the most important step of dowsing. These dowsing questions and the formation of dowsing questions are critical to receiving correct answers. Most beginners proceed with any question that can be answered with a yes or no. Although a yes or no can be attained, seldom does the accuracy exceed the law of averages. By asking a confirmed correct phrased question, one may increase the number of accurate answers.

Dowsing questions protocol:

  • Always ask if it is a good time to dowse before starting,
  • Write your question down,
  • Dowse with your pendulum to see if the question is phrased correctly,
  • If your answer is no, rewrite the question until you get a “yes”, that the question is phrased correctly,
  • When the question is written correctly, read the question exactly while swinging the pendulum for an answer.
  • This may seem to be an elementary procedure, and it is, but if followed until good habits are formed, this step will eliminate many false responses while dowsing.

    Perfect practice with correct dowsing questions will improve your accuracy. Frequency of dowsing is paramount to train your mind. If you answer the phone swinging the pendulum you will quickly see a positive or negative response from your pendulum to the caller denoting if you want to continue the conversation, if the caller is truthful, (if a prospective client, do they pay their bills on time). Dowsing questions at work, at home or on the road will gradually build your confidence and ability to use more of your brain while awake. Like all new learned practices, diligence and self discipline will yield a new habit in 21 days.

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    October 2nd, 2009 11:31

    [...] Dowsing success is higher in children beginning to learn dowsing over adults, • Correctly used dowsing protocols increase dowsing accuracy, • Solitary dowsing diminishes distractions and increases accuracy, • [...]

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