Dowsing a …

Dowsing a …

Biolocation, Dowsing a Vibration

Biolocation, a reception of vibration commonly defined as “Dowsing” a target. It is scientifically known that ALL objects (mass) vibrate continually. Some objects vibrate faster than others but the vibrating motion never stops. The human body has the ability to receive the vibrations and associate the vibrations with the unique source that is emanating the signal. Although we all have the ability to receive these frequency oriented vibrational signals, few have the knowledge to interpret the vibration that is completely surrounding the body. We have an array of satellite, radio, television and telephone frequency signals bombarding the body day and night that we cannot see. Our entire body is an antenna. History has recorded several dental fillings that have had the ability to receive radio signals that were audible when the patient opened their mouths. The ability of our body to receive a frequency signal and translate that signal has been called a sixth sense. The body senses paramagnetism and diamagnetism, As a result of the body’s ability to sense all magnetic matter, our body is able to be used as an intricate magnetometer. The Biolocation approach is systematic methodology coupled with scientific models that is making dowsing a highly accessible, effective and successful technique.

Many years of scientific research of Biolocation demonstrates that we are completely surrounded with an invisible array of interactive, dynamic and highly structured energy. This lesser-known form of energy is actually a type of magnetism. Human beings have known for thousands of years that we could detect and respond to this energy. This ability of detection functions on the same principles as our other senses. This ability to “sense” is the underlying mechanism of dowsing. Frequency, vibration and the ability to receive and interpret conforms to the natural laws of science. Two hundred and fifty years ago a watcher of television would have been called a “witch” or “warlock” for communing with the “spirits” of the air. Nikola Tesla was called a madman when he said he had the ability to project the image of a man (just 85 years ago) through the air. Biolocation or dowsing is not supernatural, spiritual or witchcraft, it is a scientific event that we cannot see with the naked eye. Dowsing enables us to interpret the vibrational world, which translated, reveals incredible information that seams supernatural.

Biolocation can be achieved by most people. Mastering biolocation for accuracy takes years of practice. The time to learn this form of dowsing can be shortened when the student is mentored by a successful master dowser.

Biolocation, the dowsing phenomenon, reveals a complex energy, a sophisticated sensory system and psychological factors that when combined produce facts that are impossible for the dowser to have known beforehand.

Biolocation combines the use of the following fields to sense the location of items not visible to the dowser: Electrical, Electromagnetic, Geochemical, Geothermal, Gravitational, Magnetic, Radioactive, and Seismic.

Who uses Biolocation?
This Partial list of users of dowsing may surprise you:

    • Mining Companies (Spanish and Germans 1500s)
    • Oil and gas exploration companies multinational worldwide
    • Armed Forces (British Army Colonial times)
    • USSR army (manual for locating scarce water 1930)
    • The Bahamian Government (location for drilling water wells, 1950s)
    • First and Third US Marine Divisions in Vietnam, 1967 (locating tunnels, traps, munitions depots, arms, and the Viet Cong)
    • Engineering Companies
    • Water Companies
    • Breweries
    • Utility companies(to locate unknown utility lines and pipes before digging)
    • Building Contractors
    • Cemeteries

What is detected by biolocation?

    • Underground rivers, Springs, groundwater, underground pools of water,
    • Underground oil and gas reserves,
    • Underground mineral/ore deposits
    • Water pipes, electric lines, gas pipes, sewer lines, phone & cable lines
    • Archeological sites
    • Caves, Tunnels, Graves, any excavated earth
    • Geological or seismic faults
    • Dead bodies or live people and pets, lost or hidden
    • Treasure

Biolocation or dowsing enables us to use information stored in the “master library” regardless of time evolved since the data was stored. Wake up the sleeping 90% of your brain and use it to enhance your life! Learn to dowse.

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