Dowsing a …

Dowsing a …

Dowsing Success

Dowsing Success is sought after as the “Rosetta Stone” to all unknown subjects. The lack of Dowsing success is the most common reason new dowsers lose interest and doubt the ability of any dowsing method. The question usually asked of a dowser is, “what is your percentage of accuracy?” Dowsing success can be explained in 7 parameters.

    • Dowsing success is higher in children beginning to learn dowsing over adults,
    • Correctly used dowsing protocols increase dowsing accuracy,
    • Solitary dowsing diminishes distractions and increases accuracy,
    • Morning dowsing after a restful night will increase dowsing accuracy,
    • Subject research can increase dowsing percentage of correctness,
    • A master dowser mentor can critic your dowsing, causing more accurate dowsing
    • Practice every day is the best way to improve dowsing success.

Dowsing success can be measured in percentages that vary everyday.
One should always start their dowsing session with the questions of:

    1. “Is this a good time to dowse?”
    2. “What is my percentage of accuracy today?”
    3. “Is my dowsing question phrased properly?”
    4. “Is there a valid need for this answer?”
    5. And end each query with “Was this answer the Universal Truth?”

Dowsing success can be diminished by fatigue, solar flares, the earth’s magnetic disturbances, invalid need to know, poorly phrased questions, inability to stay focused, preconceived conclusions, wishful thinking and inexperience.

Dowsing success can be explained as percentage of correctly answered questions. The law of averages is 50/50. A novice dowser following a detailed dowsing protocol will increase to 65/70%. A master dowser will be consistently 85/90%. A dowser doesn’t use a supernatural link to the architect of the universe, but does use the Universal Library. A dowser is not a prophet or seer and does not “witch”. When you go to sleep at night with a problem that you have no prior knowledge and desiring a solution, then wake up in the middle of the night or the next morning or a few mornings later with the “answer”, where did that solution come from? We propose all knowledge from the beginning of time is stored in the “Universal Library” and that dowsers use a portion of the 90% of previously unused brain, while awake, to tap into this knowledge base.

Dowsing success can always be improved upon. If you are searching for “items”, build a test plot. This test plot can be underground or inside a structure. Have a trusted person hide items and LEAVE THEM THERE! You will never know for sure what is hidden as you will not “uncover” the hidden items. Use your “L” rods or “Y” rods to search for the hidden items each day to improve dowsing success. (You may hide the items yourself, if you first place a cover over the item that will make it similar in size and shape to all other items hidden, then “shuffle” the items so that you truly do not know what item is hidden where.) Remember, dowsing success comes with practice, practice, practice.

If you have an item or treasure you want located, send a request in the form below to have the item dowsed for you. Dowsing success at its best!

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