Dowsing a …

Dowsing a …

Radiesthesia, Dowsing

Radiesthesia, Dowsing today, using a newly formed word of 1930 is derived from two words, “radiation” and an old word “aesthesia” which is defined as “perception by the senses”. Some physicians have adopted the word radiesthesia to apply only to the dowsing of health problems in their patients. Chiropractors have also adopted radiesthesia to help locate areas of the spine and nerves that are the origin of the patients problems. Few patients are aware that some doctors and chiropractors use radiesthesia as part of their method of diagnosis.

Radiesthesia is not restricted to the medical industry. Since scientist revealed that all matter is made up of moving particles, the conclusion is that all matter vibrates. The discovery of “all matter vibrates” reveals that each type of matter in physicality emanate their own vibrational frequency. The example is: a clad dime has a different vibration than a solid silver dime. Yet, two solid silver dimes would have relative similar vibrations. Radiesthesia allows for the vibrational frequency of a single item to be received by an antenna (dowsing rod) and identified by the radiesthesiologist (dowser).

Christopher Columbus records using radiesthesia methods on his quest to find America. On cloudy or foggy days, in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, when it was difficult to use the quadrant, a steel plate was placed on the deck of the ship, the navigator stood on the plate while rotating in a circle (in place) with a dowsing rod held above his head. The rod would lock on magnetic North. This method of radiesthesia that incorporates the radiation of the steel plate and the perception of the senses of the navigator were used as early as the Egyptian Pharaohs and Chinese Dynasties. Radiesthesia is a relatively new word for an ancient method of identifying vibrational frequencies of any matter, dead, alive or inanimate.

Regardless if you encounter radiesthesia or dowsing methods in use, you are seeing vibrations received by a person and identified according to their experience. Almost everyone has the ability to receive the vibrations of any object, above or below ground, but only a few have the hundreds of hours of practice, research and study to exceed 90% accuracy.

Radiesthesia is most commonly thought of as “dowsing for water”. Man’s lack of understanding usually causes mistrust, doubt, false labeling and even the labeling of “crazy” and “heretics”. Galileo was labeled as such when with his telescope “tool” he announced that the earth was not the center of the universe. Gamma rays, x-rays and ultra violet were pooh poohed until science revealed the “tools” to convince the world that these UNSEEN light rays existed. From the beginning of time the moon was untouchable. Even today we have a few worldwide that don’t believe we really landed on the moon. Misunderstanding or unbelief does not change the facts. Radiesthesia is an English word derived from the French and incorporated just recently into our language. A German word “to locate” was first used for water dowsers. The word sounded similar to the English word “witch”, hence the misnomer was formed and has been responsible for mistrust and widespread misunderstanding even today.

Radiesthesia is a progressive scientific method that needs more study to perfect the methods already in use. A French Priest, Abbe’ Mermet (1866-1937) is to Radiesthesia as Mendel was the father to the study of genetics. Mermet spent 40 years testing, documenting and proving that Radiesthesia was scientifically explained and not of an occult. Mermet’s book, Principles and Practice of Radiesthesia was printed in English in 1957. The vibrations are there, the other 90% of our unused brain is there, and the combination of the two will eventually be as obvious as, “Oh, I think I’ll turn on the invisible energy to light my room instead of a candle…”

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