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Dowsing a …

Map Dowsing for Lost Pets

Map Dowsing for Lost Pets has been an option for pet owners that is often overlooked in the moment of strife. If you are the pet owner, your time and effort will be best spent calling a dowser who has been successful locating pets by map dowsing. Ask the dowser if they have successfully dowsed for lost pets. Be prepared to to find your pet. Be realistic, the dowser may find the pet but the dowser can not change the fate of the pet if it has expired. Ask the dowser if there is a fee. If there is NOT a fee, treat the dowser to flowers, a gift certificate to dinner, or make a donation to their favorite charity, but DO NOT EXTRACT THE GIFT of the dowser as if they owe you their time and energy. It takes time for map dowsing, research and followup… after all, someone else may lose a pet in the future and need this experts’ help. If you love your pet, pay to find them, if nothing else, make a comparable donation and tell the dowser to “pay it forward” to the next pet owner who may not be financially able to pay!

If you are a dowser just learning to dowse, there are a couple of suggestions that will help your map dowsing, enabling you to find the lost pet.

    Ask these questions in order for better accuracy:
    1. Is this a good time for map dowsing? Answer: Yes, (then continue). If not, ask again in 15 minutes.
    2. Will the pet return home on its own? Answer: Yes, (Determine when). If no continue to #3.
    3. Is the pet recoverable? Answer: Yes,
    4. Is the pet recoverable by the owner? Answer: Yes. If not, is the pet recoverable by someone the owner knows?
    5. Is the pet’s heart still beating?
    6. Now start your map dowsing, and ask : Is the pet within the boundaries of the map you are using?
    7. If the pet has been gone for more than a few hours, each time the pet rests for a period of time, there is resonate energy at that spot that could give you a false location, be sure and ask if the pet left this location and has moved, or is moving away from this spot.

Accurate map dowsing can locate your pet. The confident dowser can only relay the answer to the map dowsing questions asked. If the map dowsing determines that the pet is unrecoverable, a later map dowsing will not change the answer. Map dowsing always works best when dowsed quickly after the pet’s disappearance. Use of the pet’s name is highly recommended while map dowsing in order to suppress all other pet energies that may be lost in the same area.

Map dowsing for lost pets, lost individuals, lost articles or lost treasure is done by the master dowser, at home, without an audience and usually in the quietest time of the day for the dowser. Don’t expect a map dowsing answer while you wait on the phone. Some dowsers use a witness, (toy, garment, picture of the pet or collar) to hold in one hand while swinging the pendulum in the other hand, to better focus on your pet. As your dowsing experience grows, you will find that your mind will not need a witness while map dowsing and your accuracy is proficient without a witness.

Carl Bracey

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