Dowsing a …

Dowsing a …

Mysterious Find

Mysterious Find

What lies hidden beneath the soil,
By some devious method, others to foil,
Is it Spanish, Mexican or Outlaw spoil,
Awaiting some fool with a shovel to toil?

With months of study & years of time,
With wires and detectors what can one find,
Lest he be entered by some age old mind,
Can he break the secret of the crooked line?

Jim Harkey circa 1994

Herein lies the treasure dowser’s poem. Only if you own a shovel and have dug the many false holes could you possibly understand these pearly words of wit.

However, after understanding that the rods never lie when you stand over the true quest, we dowse on. It matters not that we are not 100%, because the payoff is greater than what life gives us at 50%.

Find treasure 100%

Jim, this one is for you:
“Should we be bound by only one silken thread, may it be golden…”

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