Dowsing a …

Dowsing a …

Dowsing another Dowser

Dowsing the results of another dowser made clear. Our minds are the conduit through which passes the dowsing question to the “source” and the answer we eventually receive. Our entire body is the antenna used to send and receive our questions and answers. (A pendulum, rod or any other dowsing tool is an extension of our antenna (body). This ends all similarities in dowsers. Each dowser arrives at his or her answer in a way that has been learned or developed by the individual. This attests for millions of techniques employed by all the different dowsers worldwide. No two dowsers practice exactly the same.

One protocol that is highly recommended is to write down the proposed question to be dowsed. Then dowse to see if the question is worded correctly. (Who’s definition of “correct” is determined the “absolute” truth, yours, mine or the dowser down the street? Only your “correct” will work for you!)

Here is the example that happens every day with dowsers:
One dowser proposes a question, dowses to see that the question is worded correctly, with an affirmative, he then dowses the question. The variable in this scenario is while this dowser is asking and waiting for an answer, how much discipline and control does he have to stay focused? IF HIS MIND BROKE CONCENTRATION FOR A FRACTION OF A SECOND his dowsed results WILL NOT BE THE SAME AS ANOTHER DOWSER THAT STAYS FOCUSED!

Here is the test to prove your ability to stay focused:
Take a book or any printed page and lay it on the table where you will dowse your map, or general question. Find the letter “e” anywhere in the text. Now read your dowsing question and swing the pendulum while staring at the “e”. In the three seconds that it took your pendulum to react to your question, your mind diverted an average of twice, even though it was a fraction of a second, even though you caught yourself and got back on track, these diversions effect your dowsed answer.

Therefore, because it is impossible to replicate the exact thought processes in another person’s mind, NO dowser can accurately “check” another dowser’s work.

Be 100% accurate when searching for treasure!

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