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Dowsing Rods Explained

dowsing rodsDowsing rod singularly used or a pair of dowsing rods usually identify a dowser working the field for a water well, oil well, mineral deposit, a lost item and even treasure. Dowsing rod also known as dowsing stick, divining rod, “Y” Rod, doodlebug, dowsing scepter, dowsing wand and dowsing bobber are dowsing tools used every day by dowsers worldwide. Dowsing rods are used by dowsers to assist them in reaching a decision, usually a “yes”/“no” answer regarding the finding of lost or unseen items. Dowsing rods can be L rods, metal rods formed into the shape of an “L”, a wand sometimes called a bobber which has a handle with a limber stem protruding from it and a weighted tip to accentuate the bouncing action of the wand, a forked stick made from a living tree limb resembling the letter “Y” of the alphabet or from fiberglass rods such as the tips of fishing poles, bound on two of the rod ends to form a “V” or “Y” with a very short leg.

Dowsing rods are the tools to manifest science and natural forces or laws of nature that are not picked up by our 5 senses. Infrared light, x-ray and gamma rays of light were thought to be forms of divination or spiritual or non-existent until electronic equipment verified that these were unseen light rays of the full light spectrum, yet very real and now scientifically sound.

Users of dowsing rods are made up of three categories; natural scientific users, spiritualist/ psychics and novices. We have no beef with either of the last two categories, one we don’t understand and the other may get their act together if they realize that study, hard work correct practice and a knowledgeable tutor will improve their abilities. This compilation does dot try to explain, endorse or refute spiritualistic or occult divination as this practice is clearly not dowsing as presented here.

Special dowsing rods have evolved through experimentation and combined tests by noted dowsers such as Vern Cameron, Sam “Lobo” Wolf and Al Rossmiller. Some of these dowsing rods are built with a witness, “Bait”, chamber that allows the dowser to place a similar matter in the chamber of the rod as the dowser is searching for. The theory is that the dowsing rod will have a greater affinity for the searched target if the correct bait is in the chamber. The dowsing rod is used to “sweep” the area slowly until the dowsing rod locks onto the searched target.

The “Y” dowsing rod locks onto the target of water, oil or artifacts by pivoting in the dowser’s hand until the single end points directly down into the ground. The “L” rods will cross each other when the dowser walks over the buried target. The single “L” rod will point ahead until the target is reached then if the dowser continues to walk, the rod will pivot 180° pointing back to the passed target.

The wand (bobber) dowsing rod will bounce up and down (initiated by the dowser) until a question is asked. If the wand starts to circle clockwise at the tip, the answer is “yes”. If the wand circles counter clockwise, the question was not precise, or a “no”. If the wand continues to bounce vertically up and down and does not circle in either direction the answer is a definite “no”. Always start your sequence of dowsing by asking for a “yes,” then ask for a “no” and then note the responses and apply them to all dowsing of that project.

Dowsing rods react to an energy that is synonymous to the target. Energy rays such as the goz emanating from the center of the earth at a 45° angle are disturbed by caverns, tunnels, disturbed earth, water, minerals and metals. The dowsing rods react to these anomalies as well as human and animal bodies. The sex of a buried body can be dowsed with a single “L” rod balanced on your right index finger. A clockwise rotation is a male, counter clockwise female, the energy that was picked up to ascertain this 100% correct answer… unknown at this time. It is known however, that if you ask a person to lie on the ground, and use the same procedure outlined above, that the results for determining the sex will be confirmed.

Treasure positively identified!

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