Dowsing a …

Dowsing a …

Dowsing Instructions

Dowsing instructions are available in books, websites and seminars; however the best source of dowsing instructions will come from a master dowser that will take the time to mentor you. Basic dowsing instructions will include:

Dowsing Research, start a dowsing library
Choosing a dowsing tool,
Writing down the question to be dowsed,
Balancing the Pendulum for the specific dowsing task or item, (if a pendulum is used)
Developing your own dowsing protocols,
Find the best place to Dowse,
Dowse for a confirmation,
Record your results
Practice dowsing everyday

Remember: dowsing is as simple as “Ask and ye shall receive.” CB

Dowsing instructions vary from each individual dowsing instructor; however, you will find what dowsing system works for you if you practice correctly and often. Each bullet above is a dowsing topic or course within itself. If you will take the time to learn these dowsing instructions and apply these dowsing instructions to your dowsing sessions, you will find that you will become successful.

The number one question that a person asks their dowsing instructor is: How accurate will my dowsing be? If you have dowsing abilities and follow your dowsing instructions, you will be successful. Your success will depend directly upon the effort you put forth. If you think that because you can get a “yes” and “no” response from your dowsing tool and that no additional dowsing instructions are needed, then you will not only be disappointed but probably never have any more accuracy than the mediocre law of averages.

Before you pay for dowsing instructions that are available in books, ebooks, dvd, cd, seminar or in person, do some RESEARCH, find out if the one offering dowsing instructions is a successful dowser. A dowser that has written a book on dowsing or that has been a dowsing instructor with a dowsing association, doesn’t necessarily qualify them as a successful dowser. Make a list of qualifications that a dowsing instructor should be able to meet and ask those questions before you pay for dowsing instructions!

Visit with as many dowsers as possible, making note of their techniques and tips. Write these notes or record, do not depend on your memory. Dowse if the person you were talking to was a dowsing master, dowsing dabbler, or an impostor. (If talking on the phone use your pendulum or wand to dowse “is this person I am talking with concerning dowsing instructions a person I can learn from”. You will eventually use this dowsing technique on everyone that you talk to on the phone to determine their accuracy in conversation, (ARE THEY TELLING THE TRUTH)!

Dowsing instructions never end. You will be learning dowsing techniques the rest of your life. One day you will receive a call in which a voice will be asking you for your dowsing instructions… of course you will be simultaneously dowsing them as they talk to see if this is the person you will want to share your lifelong knowledge with…

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