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How To Make Dowsing Rods

How to make dowsing rods is the question most new dowsers want answered first, so they can feel the “pull” of the dowsing rods and start their dowsing adventure. The dowsing rods most commonly made at home are the “L rods”. L rods can be made of coat hangers, spring steel, welding rods or bare copper wire. These dowsing rods can be made in 15 minutes or less and they are as accurate as $100 manufactured rods. The rule of thumb is; the long part of the rod is 3 times the length of the handle. So if the handle is 5 inches long, the long part of the rod will be 15 inches.

Use wire or rod that has no coating (bare). Measure and bend at a right angle to form an”L” shaped rod. The most used material secured in solving the riddle of how to make dowsing rods is a coat hanger (The old kind of hanger that is found at the far end of the clothes pole). The answer to how to make dowsing rods is a few simple steps:

• Take wire cutters and cut off the hook beyond the twisted area below the hook.
• Straighten the coat hanger completely before measuring and cutting for length.
• Measure the handle and make a 90° bend.
• Measure the long part of the rod using the 3 X rule of thumb and cut for length.
• Duplicate for second rod.

The procedure is the same if you use brass welding rod or another metal. The proof for discerning if you have correctly followed the instructions on how to make dowsing rods is to go into the front lawn and find the water line leading into the house or apartment. Or you may turn on the garden hose, walk over it with the “L” rods and watch them cross. After the dowsing rods cross, turn on the water, use one rod and determine which way the water is flowing!

The next most asked for instructions of how to make dowsing rods are the “forked” dowsing rods also known as the “Y” rod that would resemble the branch of a tree that forks forming two handles and joined at one single origin.

1. If using a live tree branch, remember to refresh with a fresh cut limber branch every other day as the branch dries quickly becoming rigid and brittle.
2. A more permanent approach would be to find a discount retail store and buy 2 inexpensive fishing rods.
3. Cut the tip off as close to the end as possible
4. Cut all “eyes” off the pole. (be care not to damage the fiberglass pole).
5. Cut the fishing poles off at 27 inches.
6. Tie the heavy ends of the rods together with nylon thread and seal with rubber cement.
7. You may or not decide to seal the smallest ends of the rod. (Do not restrict the limberness of the small ends.

There are other rods that can be made when looking for “how to make dowsing rods”. These rods are a little more complicated but can be made fairly inexpensive ($25 or less). There is the “bait chamber” or witness chamber Lobo Map and Field rod which is the Sam Wolf dowsing rod. There is the Vern Cameron Aurameter or the Al Rossmiller Magnetic Drop Coil Dowsing rod that the degree of difficulty is greater than the “L” rods but certainly within the grasp of a garage tinkerer. Email for plans of these three advanced dowsing rods.

The fastest way to make a dowsing rod is to take a bare brass brazing (welding) rod and shake it up and down vertically asking a “yes”/ “no” question. Be sure and establish your “yes” and “no” before you dowse. This type of dowsing rod is known as a primitive wand or bobber. There is nothing to do in order to start dowsing with this rod except initiate the vertical action! You will find the “action “stiff” and restrictive. Therefore some dowsers find a more limber metal (or plastic), smaller diameter rod and place a handle on one end and a wood or metal weight on the opposite for greater movement of the rod.

If you have a solution for “how to make dowsing rods”, email them and it will be posted here.

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