Dowsing a …

Dowsing a …

Dowsing A Life

Dowsing A Life is as easy as dowsing the sex of the person in a grave* (marked or unmarked). The physics of why, how come, and where does the power and energy come from to answer dowsing questions is revealed in time. The dowser asks a dowsing question, views the answer in most cases from a form of a dowsing tool. Based upon the dowsing answer, the dowser proceeds to the next question until the query has been satisfied. All dowsing questions asked by a dowser are formed so the question can be answered by one word; “yes” or “no”.

Dowsing is a lifestyle, an art, a gift-style, and a profession. Dowsing is a study of all five senses in conjunction with a more complete use of our brain and all levels of consciousness. Dowsing is a progressive learned approach to consciously use the subconscious mind to solve problems on demand. How many times have you gone to sleep with a seemingly monumental problem and had not a clue upon which to solve it? Upon awakening, a solution came to you as plain as if someone spoke it to you… where did the answer come from? The subconscious mind worked all night and produced a solution by the next morning. Genuine dowsing allows the dowsers to use his or her mind to summon answers on demand without sleep. There is no hokest pokest alakazam magic, divining, witchery or alien responses in dowsing. Dowsing utilizes the conscious, subconscious and the super-conscious mind concentrating simultaneously to produce answers to proposed questions. If our mind has the ability to contact the Architect of the Universe, energy, system or storehouse of knowledge for the history of our world while we sleep to get an answer, some would call that ability, supernatural, dowsing confirms that this is a more original use of the mind.

Dowsing a path for everyone is a common statement rarely clarified. We are all born to have the same amount of unused brain. A study of dowsing can produce a more actively used brain encompassing sections that would normally not be used in a lifetime. We are all born with the physical attributes to be a concert pianist or an engineer. Our interests and training leads us on separate paths. Dowsing is not fully understood. So far we acknowledge that a proficient dowser is consistently better with dowsing answers than the law of averages. Before the age of x-ray and infrared photography society denied that there could be any unseen rays of light. Now we have discovered more unseen rays than are visible by the naked eye.

The professional dowser fulfills a need and seldom performs like a stage artist. A novice may show off their dowsing to impress an audience but rarely can they produce answers better than chance.

Dowsing a journey, not a destination… dowsing knowledge has increased tremendously in the last 80 years. Scientific dowsing tests (by many dowsers) with records of results has educated the present dowsing community with more data than all of dowsing history up to 1900. If dowsing students use this data as a foundation for furthering dowsing, we could possibly teach dowsing as a technique to expand the use of our brain in all areas of science.

Dowsing a healthy life can be as simple as “ask and ye shall receive”. Place white sugar in your left hand, stand with both hands straight out from the body (perpendicular) and have someone press down on your right hand while you resist them. Now wash your hands and repeat the steps above with nothing in the left hand. The force needed to move the arm down should need to be greatly increased. This action requires another person to help. Dowsing allows you to get the same response by yourself. A pendulum will allow you to find out if any food or vitamin, mineral, herb or item on the menu will be harmful to your body before ingestion. Dowsing stimulates the brain to action. As we use this new found brain activity, the brain reveals more functions that it is capable of. Left dormant, the brain performs at less than 10% of its capacity.

*Dowsing a life mentioned at the start of this article can be defined in question form, “Is this person (use the person’s name) still breathing?” The next issue of the paragraph addresses dowsing the sex of a person in the grave which is answered here.


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