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dowsing toolsDowsing tools are divided into four categories. Pendulums, L rods, Y rods, and wands/bobbers are the basic dowsing tools. Many variations of each can be found in every culture for thousands of years. There is another form of tool which is your body that is used as a dowsing tool. A finger, arm, combination of both and your mind can be integrated into a dowsing sequence without the basic four dowsing tools previously mentioned.

The oldest, most commonly recognized dowsing tool is the Y rod. The Y rod can be cut from green tree limbs to form a “Y” or a Y rod can be made by tying to limber rods together on one end. The Y rod can be of metal, plastic or fiberglass as long as it is flexible. This dowsing tool is most commonly used to find underground water for a well. The Y rod is used as a preference of the dowser for what ever he or she desires to dowse.

The L Rod dowsing tool can be made of most metals but are usually made of copper, brass or steel covered with copper. A quick inexpensive L rod set can be made of metal coat hangers, straightened and then re-bent at 1/3 for a handle and 2/3 for the rod, cutting off the hook and spirals. The L Rod can be used alone or in tandem, one in each hand. When an item is located the L Rods should cross each other over the sought after target. The preference of the dowser comes into play with this dowsing tool. Some will say that one rod cancels the other and negates the target while other dowsers will tell you that the convenience of having the rods cross is a time saving benefit that warrants using both rods at the same time. As you develop your dowsing skills, you will find what works for you is more important than what another dowser is doing.

The pendulum is another common compact dowsing tool that you can take anywhere. A pendulum can be made of any material, wood, metal, crystal, glass or stone. The pendulum may be suspended by thread, string or chain as long as it is flexible and long enough to adjust for length (“balance”) for each item dowsed for. The pendulum is fast becoming the dowsing tool of choice.

The dowsing wand or “bobber” is a dowsing tool that can be used with one hand, leaving the other hand free. The dowsing rod has a handle, a flexible rod that comes out of the handle and a weight on the terminating end of the rod. A good dowser may have their dowsing tool of choice, but they will be proficient in all of the dowsing tools.

Deviceless dowsing means that the dowser can ascertain a “yes”/”no” response using their fingers,arms or just their minds. Although this is very convenient when you need a dowsing answer and you do not have access to your dowsing tools, some have suggested that they do not receive as accurate responses as they do with their standard dowsing tools. It is maintained that with correct practice your percentage of successful dowsing responses will continue to increase regardless of the dowsing tools that you use.

Dowsers on their best day is ONLY 90% accurate. When looking for treasure increase your odds!
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