Dowsing a …

Dowsing a …

Pendulum Dowsing 101

Pendulum dowsing can be achieved with any weighted body suspended by a flexible cord, chain, string, thread or stem. Pendulum dowsing has been used for over a thousand years and some say over two thousand years.

Most dowsers have a favorite dowsing tool and the pendulum happens to fill this favorite choice by most master dowsers. The reason for the pendulum’s popularity is that it is small, compact, convenient and can be used for most dowsing tasks.

Pendulum dowsing requires just a pendulum. However there are thousands of renditions of pendulums using glass, crystal, metal, magnets, rings, cork, wood, and some with hollowed chambers in which to place a “witness” or sample of the object you are searching for. Any pendulum will work to practice with but you may want a specialized pendulum for serious dowsing. Eventually pendulum dowsers experiment with designing and or making a pendulum that fits their own criteria.

Each dowser will develop his or her own personalized techniques in which to pendulum dowse. As you continue to dowse you will realize that your method of dowsing is a personal science that when combined with a journal or diary will improve with practice. Dowsing like an art skill will improve if you practice correctly. Find a mentor (master dowser) to critique your dowsing results.

These exercises will instill correct practice until you can develop a better degree of proficiency and develop your own methods of dowsing.

    1. Learn how to hold the pendulum,
    2. Learn to “adjust” the pendulum,
    3. Learn the 3 basic movements of the pendulum,
    4. Develop your dowsing Protocols,
    5. Learn how to use a “witness”,
    6. Learn where, when and in who’s presence to dowse or not to dowse,
    7. Practice, Practice, Practice.

Holding the Pendulum

    • Much has been said of the correct way to suspend the pendulum. Hold the string between the thumb and index finger pointing down.
    • Remember your entire body is an antenna to receive energy. If you were to extend the remainder of your fingers, separated, you would extend your antenna mass greater than a balled fist.
    • One would usually hold the pendulum with the hand that you write with. If you are right handed hold the pendulum with your right hand. If you are left handed hold the pendulum with your left.

Balancing the Pendulum

    • Adjust the pendulum by holding the string only about 1 1/2” above the pendulum.
    • Now start the pendulum swinging, in a straight line, aligned with the ARM holding the pendulum.
    • Slowly extend the string above the map, table, picture or blank paper while concentrating on the object being dowsed for, until the pendulum begins to circle in a clockwise direction.
    • The pendulum will be adjusted for pendulum dowsing of this specific dowsing task at this time.

Basic movements of the pendulum

The basic pendulum movements are:

    1. A clockwise circle,
    2. A counter clockwise circle and
    3. A straight swinging back and forth.

After you have “adjusted” the pendulum,

    a) Start the pendulum swinging, in a straight line, aligned with your ARM. Ask out loud for the pendulum to give you a “yes” response. Make a note of the direction the pendulum is moving.
    b) Now ask out loud for the pendulum to give you a “no” response. Record this movement.
    c) Remember that if your question is unclear, convoluted or cannot be answered with a yes or no you may receive a neutral response from the pendulum. The movements of the pendulum may not be in the same direction as another dowser, that is ok.

Develop your own protocols. (Add to these as you develop success.)

    • Have a fresh paper pad and pen available
    • Write down the question before you ask the question.
    • Ask clear and concise questions that can be answered with a yes or no.
    • Be well, under no artificial influence (alcohol, drugs, etc.), refreshed (not tired).
    • Be comfortable, sitting is fine, do not rest your elbows on the table.

Dowsing with a Witness

A witness is not another person. The witness is a similar item to the item being dowsed for. If you are dowsing for lost keys, place a key in the pendulum hand or press a key to the forehead while asking your questions. If you are searching for a pet, the witness could be a toy or article worn by the pet.

Where and when to dowse and in the presence of who?

    • Always dowse in a place where you can “clear the mind”, not be interrupted for any reason other than fire!
    • If another dowser is present have an agreement that only one will dowse at a time and the other will remain behind the active dowser.
    • Dowse only when refreshed and rested.
    • Never dowse in a crowd or in the presence of naysayers.
    • Dowsing is a learned scientific art, if you feel the need to put on a show, stop dowsing and join an acting school.


Your need to practice pendulum dowsing will be rewarded with accuracy. If you follow the steps above you will train yourself to be disciplined, and gain the ability to have your subconscious mind operate and communicate with you while you are awake. Little practice produces little results. Lifelong correct pendulum dowsing practice produces a Master Dowser!

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