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Mysterious Find

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Mysterious Find

What lies hidden beneath the soil,
By some devious method, others to foil,
Is it Spanish, Mexican or Outlaw spoil,
Awaiting some fool with a shovel to toil?

With months of study & years of time,
With wires and detectors what can one find,
Lest he be entered by some age old mind,
Can he break the secret of the crooked line?

Jim Harkey circa 1994

Herein lies the treasure dowser’s poem. Only if you own a shovel and have dug the many false holes could you possibly understand these pearly words of wit.

However, after understanding that the rods never lie when you stand over the true quest, we dowse on. It matters not that we are not 100%, because the payoff is greater than what life gives us at 50%.

Find treasure 100%

Jim, this one is for you:
“Should we be bound by only one silken thread, may it be golden…”

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Dowsing Treasure

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Dowsing treasure books have been written, armchair dowsers have shared their pearly words of wit, and newsletters have been spewed for years to deliver the silver bullet for dowsing treasure. Dowsing treasure on a scale of 1-10 is a 10 in difficulty, whereas finding an underground stream of water for a well would be a 2. Having declared the difficulty of dowsing treasure, let me make a laundry list of conditions that must be met before you start dowsing:

    Find treasure 100% accurate.

    • There has to be a valid need for recovery of the treasure, dowse to see if your “need” is valid,
    • Permission from the “System” has to be given to recover the treasure, If the answer is no, FORGET ABOUT IT, move on to another treasure,
    • Dowse to see if your treasure question is phrased correctly, (use definitions such as, “treasure that is worn on the neck and that is silver in color”), BE SPECIFIC,
    • If someone has died over the ownership of the treasure, this issue needs to be dealt with,
    • When searching a map or the field, the right tools need to be used at the right time, (is it a good time to dowse?),
    • The question is always phrased, “treasure”, never about gold, (silver, currency or jewelry) as there is sub-atomic gold practically everywhere on the planet. You can get a false hit on sub-atomic particles, be right that it is gold and never be able to see it without a microscope… or you may detect an unprofitable vein of gold that has nothing to do with your treasure quest,
    • While doing a sweep, ask a structured, qualifying question such as, “Let the rod lock on Aunt Pearl’s buried treasure.” Then, while walking in the direction of the rod lock, ask, “let the rods cross over the treasure Aunt Pearl buried.”
    • Here is the Silver Bullet: If your mind wanders for a fraction of a second, start the sweep or search over! Stay focused and BLOCK ALL ITEMS FROM YOUR MIND EXCEPT THE ITEM SEARCHED FOR.
    While dowsing treasure, your conscious mind wants to please you and will automatically substitute items that will result in “dry holes”. You must train the mind to do as it is told.
    • Keep a Journal and record all your failures, without them you are not learning.

Dowsing treasure can be fun. Broaden your definition of treasure, learn the training required to keep your mind focused, only on the dowsed target. Practice often, this would require you to make a test plot (bury items that you will eventually search for). Don’t expect to read this explanation and rip up the mother lode on your next outing to the field. Successful Dowsing Treasure events will climb to the 90 percentile IF you follow all the suggestions above and never give up. Once you learn the correct way to address the system, all dowsing questions will have a degree of difficulty of “2”, including Dowsing Treasure!

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